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Hand crafted premium cannabis infused creations. Make Medibles, Inc. a reliable, safe, and delicious alternative to your medible needs.


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Our Story

Medibles, Inc. is a world class marijuana infused, food product company. Founded in 2008 for the patients, by a patient. Each product is handcrafted from the finest ingredients and delicately infused with the highest quality hash concentrate. Our sweet and savory product line was crafted with a passion to offer a safe alternative form of medicine that best suits your unique physiology. We take pride by providing easy to dose, consistent and compliant products that help improve your life. The value we bring is the relief you deserve.

Today Medibles Inc. is an industry leader throughout the state of Colorado. Located in Colorado Springs and currently available in over 200 locations. Medibles Inc. is the staple for the medical marijuana community and beyond. Find your Medibles Inc. provider today.

Why Choose Medibles?

Easy to Dose
Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Options
Fully infused with Top Quality Hash
Outstanding Customer Service
Made Fresh Weekly
Personal Sales Transactions
Delivered to your door
Highly Educated and Helpful Staff

We are Professional
Our smart and savvy team goes beyond the medible to provide outstanding customer service. Our staff is highly educated in state and federal compliance laws, as well as alternative medicine, and public safety.
Milligrams for Your money
Medibles, Inc. is about helping patients. We keep our prices low but our milligrams high. By Infusing the most amount of cannabinoids, our customers can have peace of mind knowing they have one of the highest quality and most affordable products on the market today.

Our Creations


Rose Buds - 100 mg

Hand poured gummies are catered for the picky palette. These crafted rose buds are free of the taste and odor of cannabis. They are easy to dose at 10 mg per piece in flavors of blueberry, orange, and raspberry.

Peanut Butter Blasts

Peanut Butter Blasts -
50 mg

Peanut Butter Lovers Beware!!! A totally amazing,
soft, creamy mouthwatering, peanut butter center embraced by our light chocolate confectionary
coating and topped with a peanut.


Potcorn - 50 mg

Popped to please any taste bud. Treat yourself to
a handful today and let it melt in your mouth.
Our freshly popped kernels are available in savory butter flavor and scrumptious chocolate. drizzle.


candease - 60 mg

Hand poured gourmet hard candy.
Our sophisticated rich flavors make it irresistible
for candy connoisseurs to refuse.

Loli Doo Pop

Lolli Doo pop - 300 mg.

A uniquely designed, mouthwatering Lolli just for you. Available in sour apple and watermelon.
300 mg to include eco friendly, Lolli-Do stem.

Pretzel Wands

Pretzel Wand - 50 mg

A perfect blend of salt n’ sweet.hand dipped pretzels. It will be your palette’s 1st choice. For an ultimate Medible today choose from white or creamy milk chocolate.

Vanilla Galaxies

Vanilla Galaxies - 50 mg

These are incredibly light,delightfully creamy smoothand have the perfect combination of swirled white and dark fudge. Out of this world!

Mint Camillias

meri mint - 50 mg

White chocolate candy mixed with a light combination of red and green peppermint crunch.

Snappy Turtle

snappy turtles - 50 mg

Not your ordinary "Turtles". milk chocolate candies filled with pecan pieces and complimented with a superb
morsel of caramel.
Wonderously palate pleasing!


medi malts - 50 mg

Light chocolate mixed with finely minced malted milk chips. This is a chocolate lover’s delight.

Lemon Bar

Lemon Bars - 170 mg

Made fresh. Not too sweet with the perfect amount of zesty lemon filling atop a flaky and crumbly crust.

Crazy Coconut

Crazy Coconut - 50 mg

Dark chocolate candies filled with a moist coconut center, intertwined with finely shaved coconut.

Meri Mint

Mint Camellias - 50 mg

Mint, butter cream with mint leaves tucked inside delectable chocolate. The taste of this treat is truly amazing.

Cookies and Dreams

Cookies N’ Dreams - 50 mg

Delicious cookie crumbs mixed in with white chocolate and topped with chocolate cookie crumbles.

Elevation Bar

Elevation Bar 6,035' -
400 mg

This bar is easy to dose, yet is an extremely potent milk chocolate bar. It is made for the chocolate admirer that requires high mg. or simply prefers small and long lasting doses.


Tri-Tincture - 300 mg

This delicious fast acting vegetable glycerin is 100% vegan friendly and very easy to use. It can be combined with any meal or beverage and is available in either Indica or Sativa.


SnoopEase Snacks - 20 mg

Help your best friend in their later years by providing comfort through a healthy, lightly medicated Medibles product. Manage pain control safe and naturally for ailments such as arthritis, glaucoma, hip dysplasia and cancer to name a few.


Chewbles - 100 mg

These candies are soft and scrumptious with a chewy blend of choice chocolate and cannabis for your enjoyment.

Herbal Relief

Herbal Relief Pills - 50 mg.

Ground flower mixed with hash and grape seed oil. This medicine is in a cellulose capsule and comes in both Indica and Sativa for pain relief anytime.

Candied Crunch

Candied Crunch - 100 mg

A dreamy combination of light and dark chocolate, chopped pecans, toffee bits and mini candy coated chocolates.

Gramola Bars

Gramola Bars - 170 mg

These amazing bars are full of flavorful combinations. Try one today. You won’t be disappointed when you bite into a Fruit and Nut or Peanut Butter Banana bar.


Campy Smores - 50 mg

Enjoy the comforting taste of these popular bonfire treats. Marshmallows and graham crackers combined with the infamous melt away chocolate.

PWhipped Butter

Whipped Butter - 400 mg

Medibles whipped butters creamy blend and smooth taste is enhanced with high quality cannabis. Medibles makes it easy to dose as a spread or mixed into a recipe to complete a finer dish.


Twice Baked Pizza - 150 mg

A Colorado First! Frozen pizzas from Medibles Inc.! Slice into 6 pieces for 25 mg a slice. Toppings include: Cheese or Pepperoni.


Brownie - 170 mg

This is the most popular brownie on Earth. Sink your teeth into this deliciously rich, decadent, delight. It’s masterfully crafted with the finest ingredients to include delectable Dutch Cocoa and is also available in Cherry.


Cookie - 170 mg.

Tantalizing oatmeal combined with premium Swiss chocolate chips. It only takes one. YOU’LL SEE!


Flatbreads - 100 mg

Have a convenient, crisp, savory 10 mg cracker to calm your ailments. Capture the exquisite taste from select blends of fantastic flovors with Mediterranean and Garlic White Pepper.


Cherub Cherries - 50 mg

Dark confectionary coating surrounding half a maraschino cherry, drenched in a delectable sauce made from the maraschino juice.


InTeaCups & SipTeaVas -
60 mg

Each Decaffinated Indica and Caffinated Sativa tea was crafted with ingredients specifically chosen to aid in providing the comfort you deserve to give you the quality of life you desire. Blends include: Headaches Away, Joint Pain, Lady Pains, Good Digestion, EnerTea, Mr. Sandman, No Worries, ImmuniTea.

Medibles Basket

Medibles Arrangement

Basket catered for Wellness center displays. Each basket comes with an assortment of infused products from sweets to savory or any combination you would like.


Gem Packs - 100 mg

You can’t choose just one Tri-Treat? We offer variety packs for the curiously undecided patients.

Seasonal Medi-Melt Away

Funny Honeys & Strawberry Cough Drops - 50mg

Soothe a sore throat or quiet a cough with these deliciously flavored cough drops. Each piece is packed with 10mg of top grade hash and full of high quality, cold fighting ingredients.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane - 60mg

A delicious 60mg, white chocolate candy cane, blended with red and green peppermint candy crunches. The perfect holiday treat for any cannabis lover.

Snow Daze

Candy Cane - 60mg

White chocolate snowflakes sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbles. Three perfectly dosed 10 mg candies.


Heart - 150mg

Fall in love with this beautifully crafted, irresistible, milk chocolate, 150mg heart.

Lavendar Salve

Lavender Rose Pain Salve - 200mg

Only the finest ingredients are blended together with
high quality cannabis to create our soothing Lavander Rose Topical Salve. From achy joints to dry skin,
this salve can bring you the relief you crave. The floral aroma hides any sign of cannabis and offers an extra dose of relaxation to the patient.

Pain Salve

Mountain Menthol Topical Pain Salve - 200mg

Mountain Menthol Topical Salve offers deep soothing
relief from your most stubborn aches and pains.
Designed to alleviate discomfort associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel, muscle spasms or stiffness, and sciatica.


Clover – 60mg

Lucky for you this savory milk chocolate treat is
available the whole month of March! Two clovers
per pack, 30mg each.

Springs Chick

Spring Chick - 100mg

Adorable and delicious. Bring in the Spring with these hand poured, 60mg chocolates.


Flowers - 60mg

Delightful, easy to dose, beautiful chocolate flowers.
Two 30mg pieces per package.


Ribbon - 150mg

Show your support for your favorite cause with this milk chocolate, 150mg ribbon.


Flag - 60mg

These delectable milk chocolates will set off fireworks in your mouth. Two 30mg flags per package.


Medical Medallion – 60mg

Two enticing, 30mg coin shaped candies, hand poured with melt in your mouth milk chocolate

Fall Leaves

Leaves - 60mg

A scrumptious fall delight. White chocolate.


Pumpkins - 60mg

An irresistible Halloween treat. Two 30mg,
pallet-pleasing pumpkin chocolates.


Turkeys – 60mg

These tempting, tasty, turkeys are a
perfect holiday stress reliever!

Elevation Bar – Candied Crunch
<div class="portfolio-item sweet">

Elevation Bar – Candied Crunch

We’ve added an irresistible toffee crunch to
our incredibly potent, milk chocolate elevation
bar for a new, easy to dose, scrumptious treat.

Elevation Bar
<div class="portfolio-item sweet">

Elevation Bar - Cookies N’ Dreams

This white chocolate twist on the original elevation
bar is blended with delicious dark chocolate
cookie pieces for a one of a kind edible experience.

<div class="portfolio-item sweet">

La Mela

Enjoy the first exquisite creation in the Medibles Premium Line. Four apple slices dipped in
caramel, dipped in white chocolate and finished
with a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon,
beautifully packaged to look as good as they taste.


Meet our bright and knowledgable staff

Ashlyn Myers

Sales Representitive

Our clients LOVE us!

We love working with Medibles Inc. staff because they are passionate about the industry and have great products. Our patients love the Tinctures, but our favorite in the InTeaCups.
- The Consultants at Trichome Health Consultant, Colorado Springs

Rocky Road Remedies three Colorado Springs locations are proud to carry the Medibles edible line of products. Our patient's positive feedback instills confidence that we have selected a high quality product and company as a trusted source of medicine for our patients. Offering Indica, Hybrid and Sativa specific products sets Medibles apart from the competition. Our patients love the ability to select a product tailored to their needs. - Chris, Rocky Road North

We decided to start carrying Medibles products in our dispensary because we liked the fact that they allowed us to offer our patients a wider variety of Indica and Sativa specific edibles. The prices are great, and, so far, our patients LOVE Medibles products! Our sales rep, Kelly, is very friendly and helpful, and we always receive our orders promptly. We will definitely continue ordering from Medibles Inc!
- The Team at Green Cross Wellness Center, Rifle CO

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These products contain Cannabis and are manufactured without regulatory oversight for health, safety or efficacy. While none have been found, there may be health risks associated with the ingestion or use of this product. For Medicinal Use Only. Keep out of Reach of Children. Intended for  21 years of age or older. In full compliance with HB1284, HB1043, AMD20, & AMD64.